Consulting and solution partners are a great resource for getting answers to difficult questions in a short period of time.  Many employ standard methodologies and capabilities.  While they have many common elements in their work, they have become known for specific specialties.  One is more prominent in strategy, another in process improvement, technology, etc.  There are also boutique consulting firms with deep domain expertise such as digital transformation, social marketing, etc.  Often personal relationships and experience play a role in deciding which partner to choose.  A centralized procurement department can make the selection process easy or cumbersome.  Sometimes clients are very pleased and sometimes they are not.  All considered, it is difficult to find a non-partisan, independent, conflict-free management of a consulting assignment.  NueBridge can help clients manage the end-to-end process from partner selection to engagement completion.  It is uniquely positioned to accomplish this based on a combined experience of senior advisors in both management consulting and corporate executive roles.