Innovation is a critical factor in the success of any organization.  It can be the genesis of transformation and change in a given context with implications for various dimensions of business, i.e. human, product, process, culture, or otherwise.  Innovation is not just the privy of a select or central group or department within the organization.  Having an effective innovation platform is of course important.  It can be centralized and robust feeding into the various functions or LOBs.  It can be central in design but decentral in application.  There's also a need for fast track innovation that is agile in nature.  And of course there's social innovation that is born organically within the construct of human intelligence networks of the organization.  NueBridge can help clients determine the most effective innovation platform, or combinations of, how to best design and deploy it, ensure there's alignment and integration within the organization and help the client push boundaries and own the market or leadership position of a given industry.