we leverage an extensive network to impact cx

We have developed a considerable and focused ecosystem of consultants, leaders and solution partners that enables us to create teams comprised of unique assets most suited to a client's given issues.



The NueBridge Independent Consultant Association (NICA) is a structured association of committed and long term independent consultants.  NICA represents an ever growing number of members from across industries and disciplines necessary for NueBridge to fulfill its engagements with clients.


The NueBridge Executive Network is comprised of a growing number of CXOs, including CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, COOs and CFOs.  These members are currently in their position at the C-Suite and represent numerous industries and regions around the world.  Their knowledge and expertise is available to NueBridge consulting engagements with clients.


The NueBridge Business Network is a collection of best-in-class companies from many services such as mobile development, e/mLearning, big data, data analytics and visualization, market research, branding strategy and internal communications.  NueBridge leverages their capabilities to deliver a whole system solution to client engagements.